Al Watar

“Al Watar” is a Syrian a drama series where the social, political and military problems experienced by the Syrians under conditions of war will be shown and discussed to guide people towards solutions.

Banned in Syria 2

This is the second season of “Banned in Syria” series that discussing the Syrian crisis from many different aspects (political, military, humanitarian, Refugees across the border, armed rebels, activists and ISIS). It is also broader in the context of where These events are taking place considering the situation in different areas controlled by different military Groups.

Syria sings

In order to promote the peaceful and nonviolent values of the Syrian revolution Lamba Media Production have launched a campaign under the name “Syria Sings” to produce and broadcast songs with music videos. The songs are diversified and are written in the different languages spoken in Syria (Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish and Assyrian) In addition to the diversity of music used in each song (rap, oriental and other).

Voices from Aleppo

It became quite clear how difficult is the living conditions inside Syria, and what the Syrian citizen is suffering on a daily basis of the difficulty of living in these conditions. Therefore, Lamba staff will produce a weekly independent, neutral, professional, high standard television series highlighting service and social problems in the province of Aleppo. This production created with the cooperation of Lamba Media Production, Hara Fm and Halab today TV.

Souria Al-assaf

Series reflect the wrong concepts of local issues in war community.

Dafneeno Sawa (Anti-Election Campaign )

The campaign started as a response to the initial campaign published on Syrian regime’s media using short video of famous Syrian artists encouraging Syrians to participate in the election claiming it to be free and democratic.