“Qeyam” (Virtues)

Series reflect the values and principles of international humanitarian law in a simple way.

Banned in Syria

Monea’ Fee Sourya (Banned in Syria) is a Syrian comedy TV series where events take place in the opposition-controlled areas in Syria. After being aired during the month of Ramadan 2014 at Syria Al Ghad TV, Halab Today TV and Lamba YouTube channel.

Um Abdo Al Halabiya

Umm Abdo is series of episodes filmed in Aleppo between Nov 2013 and June 2014. The key character is a 13 years old girl who is playing the role of an old mother living in the opposition controlled areas in Aleppo. Despite the harsh living conditions, she is still trying to keep up with her day-to-day duties and take care of her little family. The director chose to give this role to a little instead of elderly woman to reflect the fact that Syrian children have grown up too fast […]

Nofus Al-Keram

Lamba team heard a beautiful flute player playing on the street in Gaziantep walking by their office. They were compelled to speak with the musician and invited him up to their studio to record his music. After speaking with him further they learned of his story as a Syrian refugee in Turkey determined to find success on his own terms through his strength, skill, and determination – making flutes, selling them, and playing music in the street. The Lamba team was moved to tears by his resilience, and his story […]