Um Abdo Al Halabiya

Umm Abdo is series of episodes filmed in Aleppo between Nov 2013 and June 2014. The key character is a 13 years old girl who is playing the role of an old mother living in the opposition controlled areas in Aleppo. Despite the harsh living conditions, she is still trying to keep up with her day-to-day duties and take care of her little family. The director chose to give this role to a little instead of elderly woman to reflect the fact that Syrian children have grown up too fast to a point where they were forced to take care of duties not for their young age. Every episode talks about a daily event Umm Abdu has to deal with in order to survive another day. During these events, Umm Abdo asks a question, tells a dream or simply describes how she feels in a very spontaneous and emotions provoking way. She, in many ways, is the voice of mothers in Aleppo.

“Um Abdo Al Halabiya” Was nominated to participate in the series festival Forum Des Images. The winner will be decided on 23 April 2015